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The timing was absolutely perfect! When I saw the ring before I registered that it was mine… I thought and said out loud, “That is so beautiful!” It was a perfect engagement full of meaning and so perfect in timing. I’m not the type to spill all the details out on here or post it on instagram or facebook. I’m on here to process this and record this enormous blessing and one that I’m full of gratitude about. He is a wonderful man and I knew this would be how our story would turn out.

I can tell you, that I don’t want a wedding. Do I want to say my vows in front of family and friends? Yes! I wouldn’t want it just the two of us. Do I want a lull in time before the wedding? No! I just want to have our lives back to normal. I don’t like any expectation of planning a huge event. I don’t like all the details, stress, and planning. What is important to me is the people I want there to be there, that he is happy, that my guests enjoy themselves (this includes a dance floor per his request), that I look awesome, and that there is something we can all share together in conjunction with the vows. Presumably, that would be good food at the least!

The things I can think about now on very little sleep are:

A private room in a restaurant to get married in and have the reception

A cruise (not sure about that)

Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Please leave me a comment! 🙂


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