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I’ve learned life with peace is something that you should choose to have when you have the choice to have it. It’s the thing that I wouldn’t have pointed out would happen after we parted ways. Not because I couldn’t logically fathom it, but because I wouldn’t have realized the significance of it being mentioned.

My life is peaceful.

It’s the first time I’ve had peace in at least a year and a half. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy sometimes. But then again, I wasn’t completely happy. Peace is such an important part of being happy I suppose.

I broke up with him in the evening on Friday, July 12. It was unavoidable. He is devastated. One day I’ll have the energy to write about what happened and why. Right now, I’m just sticking with what feels right and not pushing myself to do anything.

I’m enjoying the peace.

Despite the painful times.

Despite the questions for a new future.

I’m in awe of the peace.


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With your words

Why why do you cut me down with your words

Does it make you feel better

Why why can’t you let my good be your good

Does it make you feel less oh

Don’t you see you are killing me

With the things you say

When you don’t stop and pray

It hurts when you belittle me

Like I am your freak you can have control over

Why do you push me away

When things go my way

Does it make you feel better

Does it make you feel better

Does it make you feel better

How does it make you feel better

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