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Can’t calm down. Really awesome date. Dazed. Whirlwind. Don’t know how I’ll sleep…

Ok. I don’t feel like typing because I am happy and in a daze. But I HAVE to record this.

I joined POF as a joke. I was curious what it was like because people talk so poorly of it, but also because it’s where my sister met her fiance and, honestly, it’s free so why not see what it’s like? I knew I could always delete my profile if I needed to.

There was this guy that really stuck out to me. I don’t message guys much, but sometimes I push myself to. This guy just stuck out to me so much that I didn’t really have to push myself at all. First, he looked and talked southern. Second, his values were like dead on what I’d love to hear any man say. Third, I could tell by the activities in his photos that we probably had a lot in common.

So we messaged on POF for a while. It felt really comfortable… I didn’t push anything. He knew when to ask me more questions, when to give me his number, and when to ask me out. He just got it. And maybe people don’t understand how good that is… but when a man perceives & acts on things well in the beginning, it’s a really good sign he will continue this throughout the relationship.

So we went out today! We went to Rutgers Gardens and walked around for a really long time. Maybe an hour and a half? I don’t really know. But we walked and talked the whole time. I really enjoyed being with him. I felt like being myself freely was enjoyed by him. (I’m not ever not myself, but maybe a little more inhibited at first.)

Even as I’m writing this… I have to take breaks. I keep thinking about it all… and that’s what I really want to do.

So after walking around for a while we went out to dinner. Before that, as we were deciding where to go, I find out he is a foodie. ding, ding. lol Anyway, I could go on about details. So he follows me to Highland Park. We eat at Tete, a Peruvian restaurant. There we find out even more we have in common. Mostly through things like him saying “I really LOVE potatoes. Like really, really love them.” “I hate squash, zucchini, and olives.” These things were so distinct and specific I was thinking something along the lines of “What the hell is this?!?” lol  Dinner went great and we talked again for a couple of hours.

For me, it was just him. The way he carries himself, his confidence, his leadership qualities, the way he talks. He is sexy. He is rough around the edges which I like. He’s the first one I’ve dated like this, but it fits me well. But like I said, it’s really him that I like and that overpowers the physical whether I like it or not.

I had to laugh (in my head) because he touched the small of my back to guide/protect me when a car was coming. I loved it. But even on wordpress, there are girls who talk about a man who touches the small of their back as a swoonworthy thing. Now I am here to say— YOU ARE RIGHT. In fact, J did this many times throughout the date all in appropriate ways and times. It was very swoonworthy— I LOVED it. He definitely has that protective, gentlemanly factor going on.

So after dinner we walked back to our cars. I was comfortable with him. It occurred to me about how this can and might be awkward for sure… but I wasn’t too worried about it because I again, just felt comfy being with him. So he walks me over to my car as we are finishing up a conversation about something. He tells me he’s had a really good time which he has said a few times throughout the date by now. I tell him I did too, very genuinely. He says “I’m going to try something different here…” and he comes in to kiss me. He was so confident and not pushy at all! I was so… impressed. I liked his lips. I was trying my best to kiss him well even though I was surprised at what was happening lol. And then he said, “I don’t usually kiss girls on the first date.” (who knows) He asked if he was really going to see me again and I said “Yes” and he said, “ok when?” Haha. It was sweet. He kissed me again after a little more talk. And then again once more when we actually said goodbye. I loved the way he did the whole kiss thing. He was such a confident, gentleman about it all.


I just didn’t expect to encounter this at all today. I am blown away by how much we have in common (didn’t even put a quarter of it on this blog post), how much we enjoyed each others company, and how good of a guy this man seems to be. What an awesome day!


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