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changed & broken

So much to tell you and so little space to say

What has really happened since I last wrote that day

It’s the most horrible things you can imagine

That have made my life change

They have left me broken and humbled

I am forever changed

I can’t go back to the innocence that has been lost in this change

Although it wasn’t my doing, it’s all been done the same

Maybe it’s just my pride that cares that the purity has been lost

But slowly my pride is fading and I see the good that’s come

It may not be God’s will for sin

But when sin appears his grace draws near

and you are in His will again

And now I’m at a new beginning

One that I never saw coming

And this is when I remember then

my life is not my own

I have been humbled and broken and beaten

And my pride hardly exists

But I’ve seen even in the chaos

The bittersweet goodness

The bittersweet goodness

His bittersweet goodness


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With your words

Why why do you cut me down with your words

Does it make you feel better

Why why can’t you let my good be your good

Does it make you feel less oh

Don’t you see you are killing me

With the things you say

When you don’t stop and pray

It hurts when you belittle me

Like I am your freak you can have control over

Why do you push me away

When things go my way

Does it make you feel better

Does it make you feel better

Does it make you feel better

How does it make you feel better

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