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I log on to write a post about how I see how I’ve matured in a very important area over the last few months and I get a notification that it’s my five-year anniversary on this blog! That kind of gave a whole new perspective on how much I’ve grown!

I’ve learned how to have a life and be happy even while I don’t know what’s coming next in my romantic relationship. Anybody that has fought this battle knows it is a battle that has to be fought for to win. I’m not saying I have mastered it to a “T”, but I’m living it out now. I am REALLY happy. I just went to a young adults event where I got to talk to some old friends, started to make new ones, and connected with current ones– I am soaring! And then I talked with my bf briefly about some of the things that I don’t know about (as far as staying in a relationship) and it didn’t even “shake my foundation” which is how it usually feels. I’m grateful. This is the Jewels I’ve wanted for so long and I know that it takes maintaining. It’s taking care of myself. I am proud of the work I have done to get me here. And I am grateful for the love, friendship, and family that allowed it to happen.


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