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Well. I don’t really know how to say this, but it’s worth being recorded. This blog is a special place and I have to record an amazing experience that has been born here.

I had a dream that I recorded on this blog because at the time I had it, it was vivid and full of strong feelings. I think it was unexpected. Here is the post about the dream: https://abrajewels.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/dream/

When I was dating Brett, while our relationship was still pretty new, one night we were driving in his car. This dream happened. My reaction was to block it-I remember that. I remember instantly recognizing what was being said in that moment was almost the exact same experience in the dream. It scared me or caused some kind of startledness to the point where my brain could not fully accept it. Can you imagine? It was so much the same that right there in the moment I thought of this dream that had happened a year before! My guess is that it was too much for me to comprehend the meaning of that since this was such a new relationship and the first one after my divorce. That’s why I believe I tried to almost push it away and can’t remember specifics about it. I sure do remember enough and there is truly no denying it.

Today I got on this blog. I don’t remember what triggered me to even come here and I don’t visit often. This time I started to read old posts and kept going further back. I had forgotten all that I recorded and found it so neat to remember these experiences. I came upon the “dream” post and reread it fondly, now that I am comforted by it and can process how astounding it was that this dream happened in real life, using the same descriptions of the man and what actually happened. I read all of it. When I got to the end of the post- I froze.

Just last night, Brett said something to me that was surprising and so unexpected to hear out of his mouth, initiated by his own unique self. He said to me, “I want to connect with you more.”

June 30, 2011   “dream”

“I loved this man and loved that we agreed on this point, but really it wasn’t about the fact that we agreed so much as we were… connected.”

I swear to God. I never thought I would have a man of my dreams. I don’t have men in my dreams. I had this dream. And I’m astounded at the purpose of it. Thank you to whoever for this unexpected, welcome gift that has left me quietly astounded.


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