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Today i went back to choir. I don’t know where to start, but I’ll start there because it is a positive thing. I haven’t been this year at all except once back in October when i thought somehow I would make myself commit to it again despite training for a marathon involving traveling┬áto┬ámy boyfriend’s house an hour away to run with him (he didn’t like running in the areas near me for the long distances.)

ah. I did it. I overcame my insecurities and some sort of social anxiety and went there tonight.

I lost myself. Do you know I used to have a great group of friends? They are still my friends, but I don’t see them. So tonight was an effort to go back to normal.

I lost myself because I essentially gave up my life for a guy… to be with him more. I can’t believe I did that. Then again… I’ve kind of done it before when I was married.

It’s tough when you are in a long distance relationship, but that doesn’t excuse that. In fact, it may just mean you can’t be in a long distance relationship.

But tonight I took care of myself. I did it even though it was uncomfortable and scary.

I may lose him, but I know I’ll be okay.


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