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Enough said? It probably should have been. But then he told me that she had a stroke and he helps her because she doesn’t function like she used to. I believed him… why wouldn’t I?

We dated. I fell in love with him. We became exclusive. I asked for it. We had rough times and I broke up with him once. I tried to break up with him another 2 times. He wouldn’t let me go… I didn’t want to let him go. He told me he loves me. I told him I have loved him and do. He got into a doctoral program… so happy for him!

And today. I sit. In the same boat. Unhappy in between the times I am not with him. Because he lives with his mother and takes care of her and she takes care of him. He is parentified because of all he went through growing up with his parents…his dad died when he was 16. His mom never dated again. He has only lived alone when he went off to college for grad school. In undergrad he came home every weekend.

And here I sit. Now really processing it all. And I love him. And he really loves me. But his mom is there and she will be until she dies.

And how will he be when she dies?

This is a horrible situation to be in. To love someone you know can’t give you everything you want.


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