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This was over text. But you know what? This isn’t the first time I’ve been at this place with a guy since dating. I haven’t always known what it was that made us stop talking, but I think this might be what a lot of guys think of me.

I like myself just the way I am. So much so that I wouldn’t even think about changing this aspect of myself for a guy. I have no idea what innocent means to them, but I’m sure it’s comprised of not being able to imagine doing certain things with me.”Haha, buddy, if you are already concentrated on that aspect of the relationship more than getting to know me, your right, we wouldn’t work out.”

There are certain things that no one should change about themselves. In these cases, it is my everything.. my demeanor, what I don’t say, what I do that seems to make this type of guy run.          Go running.       Because I’m being my true self, love who I am, and know what I want!


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