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I hope You come

I hope You come tonight

I hope what You see

Brings You delight

I hope what You hear

Is sweet to Your ear

I hope You come tonight


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Happy happy happy

I’m so happy to have people around me

Happy to have friends in my life

There was a time when B and I were lonely

When we had no one to share our lives

Now I have lots of people around me

To be friends and be intimate with

Thank you, God, for friendships

I hope they last till the end

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i see kids all around us

us loving the life we have

i see a house not neat and perfect

but filled with love instead

I see you working at your dream job

and me my dreams living out

in every day I’m with you

and together we have no doubt

We are best friends and we created the life we always thought we’d have

It doesn’t look the same as we thought, it’s better than that

God did provide for us and guided us to right here

Where are dreams our goals our visions came true as He said

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I’m here

I have so many things to remember

So many things to get done

Sometimes I feel pulled under

And sometimes I’m under the gun

I’m thankful that I’m not bored

And not sitting on my useful hands

But sometimes I wonder if my life’s too busy …. AGAIN

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I’m so getting there

And a little suprised

I used to weigh 155

I weighed this morning

Before I ate

I weighed 145; now I’m normal again

I confess that I didn’t think I could do it

For me to lose weight-I’ve never had to do it!

But I thought of myself as important and found

Exercise and eating right make my body go round!

I’ve been told that I seem to have a glow

That makes me so happy-you can’t even know

I’m getting back to the old me

The beautiful, sexy Jewel-you will see.

I’ve only got 10 more pounds to go

To get to the weight my body use to know

The weight that looks great and wore itself good

And maybe I’ll go for 5 more who knows

You see this is a habit for all the right reasons

That probably will last all the rest of my seasons

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With your words

Why why do you cut me down with your words

Does it make you feel better

Why why can’t you let my good be your good

Does it make you feel less oh

Don’t you see you are killing me

With the things you say

When you don’t stop and pray

It hurts when you belittle me

Like I am your freak you can have control over

Why do you push me away

When things go my way

Does it make you feel better

Does it make you feel better

Does it make you feel better

How does it make you feel better

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I’m gonna move on

I might be here now
But I’m gonna move on

Not stuck in the past

But I’m gonna move on

Not sitting here working a dead end job

I’m gonna move on. I’m gonna move on.

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